The Gonzalez Group Hispanic Relationship Marketing provides consulting and training for all levels in the organization.  These are just a few of the topics that we provide:

  • The Business Case for Hispanic Relationship Marketing
  • Executive Leadership and Accountability in a successful Hispanic marketing approach
  • Developing a strategy and tactical plan for the Hispanic Market
  • Generating Leads in the Hispanic Market
  • Multiple Hispanics:  More than Language
  • Learn how and why Hispanics buy
  • Developing a referral base in the Hispanic Community
  • Networking in the Hispanic community
  • Where and how to recruit in the Hispanic community
  • How to create and select Hispanic marketing events


The Gonzalez Group creates a strategy to lead you to the best resources for talent acquisition.  Our approach includes the following:

  • Determining the skill sets and competencies that you will need
  • Identifying and prioritizing the best networks to reach talent
  • Connect you to resources to assess whether your candidate is bilingual, bicultural, and bi-literate

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